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oh my god it just keeps getting better


oh my god it just keeps getting better

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how have I lived without seeing this

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The majority of the Kanto region are forests and plains. Many of the major Kanto cities are in the center of the region, with close access to virtually every environment such as the sea, mountains, forests, etc. Kanto is mostly dominated by land, but has a large bay in the middle which opens to a sea in the southwest. Kanto has a contrast between urban cities and rural towns.


#actual spn line

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Happy Birthday Harry!


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author: he had dark hair, dark eyes, and spoke fluent afrikaans
fandom: *draws white guy*
author: he had delicate skin as dark as the night
fandom: *draws white guy*
author: her dreadlocks where thick and her skin was dark
fandom: *draws white girl*
author: they had black skin as smooth as-
fandom: *draws white guy*
author: they're black, they are literally black, they are not white, seriously. they are black.
fandom: ....
fandom: *draws white guy*

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Teen Wolf Meme: [4/6] Relationships » Scott McCall & Stiles Stilinski

Do you wanna just try making out for a sec? Just to see how it feels.

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